CSS Mercantile Law Paper 2024

Mercantile Law is an important and optional subject in CSS examination. In here, you will find the CSS Mercantile Law Paper 2024. You can view or download this CSS Mercantile Law Paper 2024. The Mercantile Law paper of CSS was held on 05-03-2024.

Mercantile Law Paper for CSS 2024

Q1. Describe the relationship if any, between Separate Legal Personality and Limited Liability of corporate form of business.

Q2. What is meant by charge? Explain the legal nature and significance of floating charge in company law.

Q3. In the presence of majority rule how well the minority shareholders are protected in the Companies Act 2017?

Q4. In the light of Competition Act 2010 discuss six most common practices in Pakistani markets that prevent, restrict, reduce and distort competition through abuse of dominant position.

Q5. Discuss the basic legal features of partnership agreement and rights of partner by estoppel in the light of partnership Act.

Q6. Explain the meaning and legal function of negotiable instruments in the light of negotiable instruments act 1881.

Q7. Write notes on any two of the following:

  1. Cumulative voting
  2. Legal status of promotors
  3. Doctrine of indoor management

See the CSS Mercantile Law past paper of 2024

CSS Mercantile Law MCQs Paper 2024
CSS Mercantile Law Paper 2024

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