CSS International Law Paper 2024

International Law is an important and optional subject in CSS examination. In here, you will find the CSS International Law Paper 2024. You can view or download this CSS International Law Paper 2024. The International Law paper of CSS was held on 05-03-2024.

International Law Paper for CSS 2024

Q2. (a) Can you draw a distinction between right of self-defense under article 51 of the UN charter and right of self-dense under customary international law?
(b) Do you agree with the statement that right to self-defense constitute an exception to prohibition on the use of force under article 2(4) of UN charter?

Q3. (a) What is prescriptive jurisdiction under international law? Examine its various kinds as set out in customary international law.
(b) Can a state exercise enforcement jurisdiction in the territory of another state? Discuss by reference to Lotus case (France V. Turkey) 1927.

Q4. State are considered as original and principal subject of international law.
(a) Provide and discuss two examples illustrating the fact that states possess the most full blown form of legal personality under international law.
(b) Discuss advantages and disadvantages of the fact that states are still the primary subject of international law.

Q5. (a) Is International law a law or positive morality? Give reasons to support your answer.
(b) In what respects, International Law differs from domestic law? Are there any similarities between the two?

Q6. What is advisory jurisdiction of international court of justice (ICJ)? In what respects it can be distinguished from consent based contentious jurisdiction? Discuss in view of Advisory opinion of the International court of justice on the legal consequences of the Construction of a Wall in the occupied Palestinian Territory 2004.

Q7. (a) Narrate the Importance of treaty in international law
(b) Explain various steps in conclusion of a treaty.

Q8. Write short notes on any two of the following:

  1. Principle of non-refoulment
  2. Jurisdiction of a maritime state over coastal waters
  3. Legitimacy of perfidy and ruses in IHL

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CSS International Law MCQs Paper 2024
CSS International Law Paper 2024

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