CSS History of USA Paper 2024

The subject, History of USA, is about the study of United States history. This is an important and optional subject in CSS examination. In here, you will find the CSS History of USA Paper 2024. You can view or download this CSS History of USA Paper 2024. The History of USA paper of CSS was held on 05-03-2024.

History of USA Paper for CSS 2024

Q1. Summarize the ideas and view expressed by the American diplomat George F. Kennan. How did these views shape US containment policy during the Cold War?

Q2. Analyze events that led to American involvement in Vietnam. How and why did this involvement increase during the 1960s?

Q3. Critically evaluate the major causes of US entry in World War II examining how the causes you mentioned developed, and why and how you believe they led to US participation in the war? Considering these causes, do you believe that US entry was inevitable?

Q4. Put yourself in the shoes of US leadership, and think that the US invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan could have been avoided? Provide arguments supported by empirical evidence.

Q5. Identify and discuss five but not more than seven most significant factors leading to the outbreak of American Civil War 1861-1865. Do you think the Civil War was inevitable?

Q6. Given that US founders were so negative about political parties. Why did political parties historically from so easily? How did this feature, never mentioned in the Constitution, become a seemingly permanent fixture of the US political system?

Q7. Write short notes on an two of the following:

  1. Monroe Doctrine
  2. US involvement in the Korean War
  3. NATO

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CSS History of USA MCQs Paper 2024
CSS History of USA Paper 2024

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