CSS Gender Studies Paper 2022

Here you will find the CSS Gender Studies Paper 2022. You can view or download this CSS Gender Studies Past Paper 2022.

CSS Gender Studies Paper 2022

Q2. Discuss in detail the multidisciplinary nature of gender studies. See Answer

Q3. Describe any two Western Schools of thought about Feminism in detail.

Q4. Shed light on the first wave and third wave of feminism. See Answer

Q5. According to your opinion, what are the main issues for women as representatives in Pakistan? See Answer

Q6. Discuss in detail the Feminist movements in Pakistan. See Answer

Q7. What are Capitalistic Perspectives of gender? Explain. See Answer

Q8. Discuss in detail Gender Critiqued of Structural Adjustment Policies (SAPs). See Answer

Note: The remaining Answer will be posted soon. 

You can also view the CSS Gender Studies Notes.

CSS Gender Studies Past Paper 2022

So, this is a complete CSS Gender Studies past paper 2022.

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