CSS Gender Studies Paper 2021

Here, you will find the CSS Gender Studies Paper 2021. You can view or download this CSS Gender Studies Paper 2021. The Botany paper of CSS was held on 22-02-2021.

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The following questions were given in the CSS Gender Studies Paper of 2021:

Q2. Discuss in detail the autonomy and integration debate in gender studies has an important contribution to the development of the field of knowledge. See Answer

Q3. Masculinity and femininity are deeply engraved realities since the distant past in human history. Discuss various theoretical dates on the construction of masculinity and femininity to make it explicit that the formation of both is either natural or social reality. Support your arguments with real-life examples.

Q4. Marxist feminism is a philosophical variant of feminism that incorporates and extends Marxist theory and analyzes the ways in which women are exploited through capitalism and the individual ownership of private property. Discuss the development of Marxist/socialist feminism and the philosophical stance they hold discuss gender issues and exploitation.

Q5. Psychoanalytic feminism is a theory of oppression, which asserts that men have an inherent psychological need to subjugate women. As elaborated, give a detailed analysis of the gender oppression and women’s subordination promulgated by Psychoanalytic Feminism. See Answer

Q6. Modernization Theory blames internal cultural factors for women’s subordination in the developing world. Discuss and elaborate on the given statement in respect of Modernization Perspectives. See Answer

Q7. Critically analyze the various approaches to women’s development focusing on women in development (WID), women and development (WAD), and Gender and Development (GAD). See Answer

Q8. Despite the entry of women legislators into politics on a 17 percent quota in national and provincial assemblies, still, there are voices that “is Pakistan’s Gender Quota in parliament showing results”? Rethink and discuss how quotas can lead to the political mainstreaming of women in Pakistan.

You can download this Gender Studies paper.

You can also view the CSS Gender Studies Notes.

CSS Gender Studies Paper 2021

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