CSS Anthropology Paper 2024

In here, you will find the CSS Anthropology Paper 2024. You can view or download this CSS Anthropology Paper 2024. The Anthropology paper of CSS was held on 04-03-2024.

Anthropology Paper for CSS 2024

Q1. Discuss the concept of culture as the “totality of human life”. How and why does culture matter in determining human attitude and life worlds? Cite examples from various cultures, including your own.

Q2. What is the configuration of kinship structure in Pakistan? How does the institution of kinship contribute to the thriving of socio-cultural life? Elaborate your answer using pertinent examples.

Q3. Why do qualitative researchers believe that the empiricist philosophy is not appropriate for studying the social world? How do you compare both approaches – empiricism and interpretivism?

Q4. What is Clifford Geertz’s idea of “Thick Description”? How does it aid anthropologists in grasping a deeper and nuanced understanding of the meaning embedded in social behaviors?

Q5. Discuss the interplay between enculturation and cognition. How does Margaret Mead’s study of Samoa demonstrate the importance of the enculturation process in shaping one’s life experiences?

Q6. How commodities are produced and consumed culturally? Give specific examples elaborating how people attach distinct meanings and values to commodities.

Q7. “Bands represent the simplest form of the political organization whereas the state is the enactment of the centralized political system”. Keeping in mind the aforementioned statement, critically analyze and development of the political system.

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CSS Anthropology MCQ Paper 2024
CSS Anthropology Paper 2024

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