ASJ Past Papers 2020: Criminal Law-I

In this article, you will find Additional Sessions Judge (ASJ) Past Paper of Criminal Law-I of 2020. Criminal Law is the first paper in this ASJ Examination 2020. The ASJ Examinations is conducted by the Hon’ble Lahore High Court, Lahore. The following questions were asked in the paper of Criminal Law-I 2020.



Q.1 Define theft and stolen property. Give and explain different provisions of Pakistan Penal Code, 1860 that deal with receiving stolen property, also frame charge with your own facts of an offense punishable under section 414 PPC but do not write your own name or role-number therein.


Q. 2 Define the following terms:

  1. Thug
  2. Judge
  3. Court of justice
  4. Public Servant
  5. Wrongful gain and Wrongful loss


Q.3 Deane “Convict”, “Fund”, “Soft loan” as provided in The Diyat. Arsh and Daman Fund Rules, 2007. Explain to whom grant out of “Fund” may be provided and whether a convict released can be kept in jail in case of failure to return “Soft loan.”


Q.4 Who can be a beneficiary of Diyat, Arsh, Dammam Fund Rules 2007, under what circumstances, and to what extent?


Q.5 When and to what extent a police officer, or member of the armed forces. or civil armed forces can use fume to prevent the commission of terrorist acts or scheduled offenses. Also expound in the lieu of provisions of Anti-Terrorism Act 1997 as to whether every police officer, member of armed forces and member of civil armed forces are competent to order to open fire to prevent the commission of terrorist acts?


Q.6 For what reasons and how span be enlisted as a proscribed person in the cc schedule of The Anti-Terrorism Act 1997 on an ex-parte basis, what remedy is available to such person?


Q.7 Define the terms given below, as provided in The Control of Narcotics Substances Act, 1997:

  1. Addict
  2. Coca Derivative
  3. Controlled Delivery
  4. Manufacture
  5. Narcotic Drug
  6. Manufactured Drug
  7. Medicinal Hemp
  8. Coca Leaf
  9. Cannabis (Hemp)
  10. Conveyance


Q.8  Under what circumstances the Federal Government may give approval for under-cover and controlled delivery operations: what activities may be undertaken by an authorized participant?


Q.9 Can a court dealing with a complaint wader The Illegal Dispossession Act, 2005 direct investigation or local inquiry, what limitation for submission of report and conclusion of the trail is provided? Also explain, when the arrest of the accused can be directed and attachment of subject property can be made?


Q. 10 How and when a court dealing with a complaint under The Illegal Dispossession Act, 2005 order eviction as interim relief, and what remedy is provided to the accused against such order. Also, explain crate what measure under the same act can be taken against a police officer who fails to render assistance to a person authorized by the court in this regard?

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