ASJ Past Papers 2020: English

In this article, you will find Additional Sessions Judge (ASJ) Past Paper of English 2020. Constitution and High Court Rules and Orders is the sixth paper in this ASJ Examination 2020. The ASJ Examinations is conducted by the Hon’ble Lahore High Court, Lahore. The following questions were asked in the paper of English 2020.


Note: Attempt all questions.

Q.1 Write a precis of the following passage and assign a suitable heading to it:

It is clear that the court of appeal should not interfere in the description of a judge acting within his jurisdiction unless the code is could really satisfied that he was wrong. But the code is not entitled simply to say that if the judge had jurisdiction and had all the facts before him the court of appeal cannot review his order unless he’s shown to have a flight around the principal. The court must if necessary examine the relevant facts and circumstances in order to exercise discretion by way of review which may reverse the order otherwise interlocutory matter the judge might be regarded as independent of supervision. Yet another interlocutory order of the judge May often be decisive importance of the final issue of the case and one which nation by the court of appeal does in Gardner versus Jay Bowen LJ, in discussing the destruction of the judge as regards modes of the trial say; “that description like all other judicial descriptions must be exercised according to the common sense and according to Justice if there is a miscarriage in the exercise of it it will be reviewed”.

Q.2 Write an Essay on one of the following topics:

  1. Pakistan and its neighbors
  2. Muslim Community
  3. Ancient Civilization
  4. Haqooq Ullah and Haqooq Ul Ibad
  5. Racism and the role it plays in causing violence in our country
  6. Provided you are not satisfied with your present life and you are given a chance to be reborn, what would you do in your life while mentioning the time and place as well.

Q.3 As president of the District Bar, write a letter to the District Judge, firstly highlighting the problems of the members of the bar in conducting their cases along with your recommendations and secondly, the security problems of the court premises being faced by the lawyers and the general public. (Note: Name, roll no, station, etc. should not be given in the letter).


Q.4 What according to you was the reason which compelled Bertrand Russell to write the Conquest of Happiness. Discuss?


Critically evaluate the causes of happiness and unhappiness described by Bertrand Russel in comparison to the present society we are living in today.

Q.5 (a) In the blank space below, insert the correct preposition (candidate are required to re-write the phrase including the correct preposition, in their answer books:

  • Alludes____the book
  • Rejoiced ____ my success
  • Grumbles ___ his lot
  • No one is ____ suspicion

(b) Use the following phrasal verbs in sentences to bring out their meanings:

  • Cast Around
  • Do away with
  • Set in
  • Take for

(c) Each of the following words has more than one meaning. Choose any four of them and by using them in at least two sentences each, indicate what their different meanings are:

  • Foil
  • Peer
  • Does
  • Bass
  • Scale
  • Letter
  • Dough

(d) Use any four of the following idiomatic expressions in your own sentences to illustrate their meaning:

  • French leave
  • A bluestocking
  • catch-22
  • A bolt from the blue
  • Amazon
  • bear the palm
  • in dire straits
  • Hobson’s choice

(e) Use any of the following pair of words in your own sentences so as to ring out the difference in their meanings:

  • Abjure, Adjured
  • Allude, elude
  • Anecdote, antidote
  • Contemptuous, contemptible
  • Elicit, illicit
  • Gibe, Jibe
  • Wreath, wreathe
  • marshal, marshall

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