ASJ Past Papers 2020: Civil Law-I

In this article, you will find Additional Sessions Judge (ASJ) Past Paper of Civil Law-I of 2020. Civil Law is the third paper in this ASJ Examination 2020. The ASJ Examinations is conducted by the Hon’ble Lahore High Court, Lahore. The following questions were asked in the paper of Civil Law-I 2020.


Note: Attempt one question from each part. Total Marks are 100. All questions carry equal marks.


Q.1 Discuss and explain in light of the relevant statutory provisions, the difference between “consideration” and “objects”  with reference to an agreement if any, and in what circumstances can they be considered lawful?

Q.2 What are the duties of a guardian appointed for a minor’s property and in what circumstances a court can remove such a guardian from his or her duties (appointed by a Court of law after due consideration)? Explain and discuss the notions in light of the relevant provisions of the Guardian and Wards Act, 1890 and the judgments rendered by superior courts.


Q.3 Dilate upon and discuss the extent and scope of the power vested in the Family Court in light of the relevant provisions of law with respect to the issuance of a decree for maintenance with illustration and case laws render by superior courts of the country.

Q.4 Define the term “Easement Right”. Who by and how under the law can acquire the easement rights and also explain the prescriptive nature of the right to the way in light of the relevant provisions of the law?


Q.5 What are the obligations of a landlord and a tenant described in Punjab Rented Premises Act, 2009? Also, discuss grounds of eviction, the appearance of parties, and the consequences of non-appearance.

Q.6 Elucidate upon the following concepts in light of the relevant provision laid down in the pre-emption act, 1991:

  1. When and in which properties no right of pre-emption lies
  2. period of limitation for a suit to enforce a right of pre-emption
  3. the procedure adopted by the officer registering a sale deed or attesting mutation of sale


Q.7 Explicate the procedure and duty of the parties or their representatives for ratification of a contract or any other instrument in writing which does not disclose their express intention and the responsibility of the Court of law thereof, through the applicable provision of the relevant law.

Q.8 What do you understand by the term “Defamation” and enumerate all its necessary ingredients which constitute defamation either made through libel or slander. Also, explain the scenario where certain publications or statements under the law either enjoy the protection of absolute or qualified privilege, as the case may be. Furthermore, clarify if there is any limitation period prescribed under the law in order to bring an action against defamation.


Q.9 Write a plaint of a suit for specific performance of an oral agreement to sell.

Q.10 Discuss all legal aspects of a suit for possession under sections 8 and 9 of the Specific Relief Act, 1877 while highlighting the difference between the said two provisions of law.

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