Status of Women in Pakistan

Pakistan is a developing country with countless issues arising every day. A similar case is with the developing status of women in Pakistan. In CSS gender studies subject, women of Pakistan are major topics, and questions about women’s status in Pakistan are frequently given. So, I am going to share with your the current status of women in Pakistan.

Pakistan is a poor country and still fighting for economic stability, security, education, and health needs for its people. There are countless issues of corruption and injustice in almost every field of life.

Unfortunately, it’s rating for corruption is seventh in the world. Women are one of the most vulnerable groups that we simply cannot ignore. Here I would highlight the factors that only cause low self-esteem among women in Pakistan.

The biggest factor in this regard is Education. In two of our provinces, the literacy rate is only 2 or 3 percent and overall it is 40 percent for women only. The health sector again provides critical findings.

Most women have no access to free medical sources and guidance. Women are less likely to take to hospitals than men in times of emergency. They are housewives and do not have any source of income.

They have no say in taking big family decisions and usually suffer from violence, torture, discrimination, and brutality from male members of their family. 52539 women were victims of violence in 2017- the violence includes murder, rape, suicide, torture, and killing in the name of honor. 13% of which were under 15 years old.

Leaving aside the big factors that lead women of Pakistan towards low self-esteem, there are many concepts and facts that provide fuel to it. Such as:

  • They do not carry equal status at birth; baby boys are always wished for and welcomed into an average family in Pakistan.
  • Women are thought of as weak and less beneficial products to parents as they are supposed to reside at home and take care of the family only.
  • Women are told that they will find their real home when they get married- their paternal home is only a place where they are brought up. They have to obey the rules of their in-law’s house as that is their real place till death (sometimes they are forced to live irrespective of differences and brutalities of different kinds towards them).
  • Women are not supposed to ask for their property rights. In most families, their property right is confiscated by force.
  • Women of any age are not allowed to go out for the sake of enjoyment and leisure as they will have to face security and honor threats.
  • Parents’ honor mostly relies on their daughters’ character (girls are not allowed to keep boyfriends in any circumstance and at any age).
  • Boys are usually preferred to girls in deciding about family matters.
  • Girls are not thought of as productive and assertive human beings who can earn a respectable earning and can live according to their own choice.
  • In educating girls, parents prefer subjects like home economics, arts, history, and education so that they could become a perfect housewife.
  • Mostly house chores are thought of as the girl’s prime responsibility. Sometimes younger girls look after their elder big brothers and elder girls take their younger boy siblings for protection and security when they go out of the home.
  • Working women are supposed to fulfill all duties at home as well as at the workplace.
  • Most girls are prepared thoroughly to become a showpiece in front of other people who decide about their son’s future wife after rejecting many girls on the spot.
  • There are many concepts that restrict a women’s thirst for knowledge, work, happy marriage, freedom, and living independently in all areas of life.
  • Divorcees and widows have no respect in society unless they are rich and belong to powerful family backgrounds.
  • Heavy jewelry and rich clothing have become symbols of dignity and respect for women.
  • Women are mostly honored due to their fathers, brothers, husbands, and children’s status.
  • Women after marriage face lots of hindrances from their in-laws and’s sides to get started in a new life. They are expected to bear all differences and injustices with patience and a gentle attitude (saying ‘yes’ to all around them with no objection and anger).
  • Women are mostly discriminated against on the base of gender in almost all fields of life.
  • Women are not supported by society if they raise their voices for justice and care.
  • Laws about women’s safety and integrity usually favor men in courts due to unnecessary pressure and bribery.

There are many things to consider in this regard but the very important part of it is that women themselves need to understand what role they deserve and what is given to them. They need to take charge of their lives and struggle for their independence and compatibility in all fields of life.

They must find ways to improve their status in society step by step and consistently. They need to have restless motivation and commitment towards their goals and to create an impartial environment for themselves where their talents, aptitudes, creativity, and x-factors would flourish and be appreciated as human beings.

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