PMS Zoology Paper-II 2022

Here you will find the PMS Veterinary Science Paper-II 2022. PMS Veterinary Science past Paper-II 2022. Provincial Management Services (PMS) is a competitive examination conduct by PPSC. Zoology Paper-II was held on Friday, June 9, 2023.

PMS Zoology Paper-II of 2022

The following questions were given in the paper:


Q1. a) Differentiate In detail among replication, transcription and translation. b) Write down the significance and mechanism of glycolysis, kreb’s cycle and electron transport chain.

Q2. a) Briefly describe structure and function of mitochondria.

b) What are the mechanisms by which enzymes accelerate cellular reactions?


Q3. a) Which adaptive mechanisms of water regulation are used by the insects to limit their evaporative loss?

b) Describe the osmoregulatory adaptations as characteristics of desert mammals.

Q4. a) How nervous coordination systems works in anima.? Describe the phenomenon in detail.

b) Describe the physiological anatomy of digestive tract in animals.


Q5. a) Write down usefulness of DNA recombinant technology in human life with practical examples.

b) How the mutation occurred in genes? What are the consequences of genetic mutation?

Q6. a) Differentiate between crossing over and recombination. How are these mechanisms affected by gene linkage?

b) Describe the factors that affect recombination frequencies.


Q. No. 7. a) What are the assumptions of Hardy Weinberg Principle? How these assumptions influence allele frequencies?

b) Explain the statement that Charles Darwin knew about the survival of the fittest but he had no idea about the arrival of the fittest.

Q8. a) ‘Ontogeny recapitulate phylogeny’. Elaborate in detail.

b) Describe the theory of organic evolution with the supportive examples.


Q9. a) What is ‘Green House Effect’? What are its causes and impact on ecosystem?

b) Describe the role of predators and decomposers in an ecosystem.

Q10. a) Differentiate between anthropogenic eutrophication and natural eutrophication. Suggest measures to reduce both types of eutrophication.

b) What is desertification? Explain factors causing desertification and identify the remedial measures.

View the PMS Zoology past paper-II 2022:

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