PMS Sociology Paper-II 2022

Here you will find the PMS Sociology Paper-II 2022. PMS Sociology past Paper-II 2022. Provincial Management Services (PMS) is a competitive examination conduct by PPSC. Sociology Paper-II was held on Thursday, June 8, 2023.

PMS Sociology Paper-II of 2022

The following questions were given in the paper:

Q1. What ethical guidelines should researchers follow when conducting research with
human subjects?

Q2. Select an appropriate research topic to prepare a coursework proposal by developing
the hypothesis, theoretical & conceptual framework, and methodical techniques.

Q3. Define Reliability? Explain the types of reliability with examples.

Q4. How have technological advancements and changes in media consumption habits impacted the ways people relate to information, and what are the sociological implications of these changes on knowledge dissemination and social interaction?

Q5. How you will review the role of international organizations in the context of global inequalities among different countries?

Q6. What are the key principles of Malthusianism, and how do they relate to contemporary debates on population growth and resource depletion?

Q7. Deviance among youth is the unseen/silent killer of social order which leads society towards destruction. Discuss the formal and informal social control to stop deviance.

Q8. What are the main sociological theories used to explain crime and deviance, and differ in their explanations of the causes and consequences of these social phenomena?

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