PMS Sociology Paper-II 2021

Here you will get the PMS Sociology Paper-II 2021. PMS Sociology Paper-II 2021. Provincial Management Services (PMS) is a competitive examination held at the provincial level. PPSC is conducting this PMS 2021 from June 23, 2022, to July 07, 2022.

PMS Sociology Paper-II of 2021

The following questions were asked in the PMS Sociology Paper-II:

Q1. What do you understand by the scientific method of research? Discuss any five characteristics of the scientific method.

Q2. What is the difference between deviance and crime? Discuss the types of violent crime in detail.

Q3. There are two major explanations for the unequal distribution of the world’s wealth and power: modernization theory and dependency theory. Each theory suggests a different solution to the suffering of hungry people in the world. Pick up any one of the two theories and evaluate its application to developing countries.

Q4. The theory of demographic transition is a thesis that /inks population patterns to a society’s level of technological development.

  1. Explain how the technological developments affect the different stages of population growth as given in the theory of demographic transition.
  2. In this framework where do you place Pakistan? Give reasons in support of your answer.

Q5. The Covid-19 pandemic directly affects the process of tourism in many countries of the world. How does the Covid-19 pandemic affect the tourism and hospitality industry of Pakistan?

Q6. Discuss the importance of statistical analysis in sociological studies. Write a detailed note bout the use of “univariate” and “bi-variate” statistical techniques for data analysis.

Q7. Define cultural lag.? Explain the factors that caused a cultural lag in Pakistan.

Q8. Write a note on any two of the following:

  1. Participant and non-Participant observation
  2. Gender Equality and Gender Equity
  3. Economic Stagnation
  4. Ethics of Research

View the Sociology Paper-II 2021

PMS Sociology Paper-II 2021

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