PMS Social Work Paper-II 2017

Here you will find PMS Social Work Paper-II 2017. PMS Social work past paper 2017 was a very easy paper.  I have given below the past paper of Social work Paper-II 2017.

PMS Social Work Past Paper-II 2017

Q1. Define social work. Discuss the scope of social work in Pakistan.

Q2. How violence against women can be controlled in Pakistan?

Q3. Juvenile Delinquency is an alarming social problem. Suggest some effective measures to control this problem in Pakistan.

Q4. Social work philosophy is classified into three major disciplines. Casework, group work, and community development. Discuss their interrelationship on the basis of their principles which are common in three basic methods.

Q5. Discuss the concept of the welfare state in Islam.

Q6. Social group work is a method of helping individuals in groups in order to enhance their physical, mental, and social functioning and development. Explain the statement.

Q7. Define community development. How can this method enable us to develop our rural communities?

View PMS Social Work Past paper 2017

PMS Social Work Past Paper-II 2017

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