PMS Social Work Paper-II 2012

Here you will find PMS Social Work Paper-II 2012. I have given below the past paper of Social work Paper-II 2012.

PMS Social Work Past Paper-II 2012

Q1. “Social Work is a value-oriented profession”. Justify the statement and relate some social work values.

Q2. Define community Development. How can this method enable us to develop our rural communities?

Q3. Social Group Work is a method of helping individuals in groups, in order to enhance their physical and social functioning and development. Define and discuss.

Q4. “Welfare of handicapped is a national challenge” how can we meet this challenge?

Q5. What constitutes Juvenile Delinquency? Discuss in detail the factors which contribute to the development of this problem in Pakistan.

Q6. Define Medical Social Work and explain how medical social work promotes the effective use of medical services

Q7. “Every Social Action must be proceeded by Social Research” justify the statement

Q8. What are the objectives of Social Work? What qualities are required to become a good social worker?

View PMS social work paper-II 2012

PMS Social Work past paper-II 2012

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