PMS Social Work Paper-I 2019

Here you will find PMS Social Work Paper-I 2019. PMS Social work past paper 2019 was a very easy paper. Students can get very good marks on this paper. I have given below the past paper of Social work Paper-I 2019.

PMS Social Work Past Paper-I 2019

Q1. Discuss some prominent features of Pakistani society? How do rural and urban societies differ from each other? Discuss in detail.

Q2. What are social institutions? Discuss their role in the development of personality and their cumulative impact on society.

Q3. What is the significance of social welfare in any developing country? Do you think it is a successful profession in Pakistan? Elaborate.

Q4. What do you understand by “Culture”? Elaborate on the influence of allied cultures on Pakistani culture highlighting their negative/ positive aspects.

Q5. Describe “Social Change”. What are the important factors which promote social change?

Q6. Unemployment leads to violence and creates law and order problems. Give your views on the above statement and also suggest practical measures to overcome unemployment in the country.

Q7. Explain the term “Social problem”. Which are the major social problems of our society? How do they hinder the development of society?

Q8. Write a comprehensive note on any two of the following:

  1. Environmental pollution
  2. Recreational institution
  3. Political institution

View PMS Social Work Past Paper 2019

PMS Social Work Past Paper-I 2019

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