PMS Social Work Paper-I 2015

Here you will find PMS Social Work Paper-I 2015. I have given below the past paper of Social work Paper-I 2015.

PMS Social Work Past Paper-I 2015

Q1. Define Social Welfare. Also, examine its evolutionary development in Pakistan.

Q2. What do you know about Society? Highlight the weakness and strengths of rural and urban communities.

Q3. Define Socialization. What are the factors of socialization? Elaborate on any four significant factors.

Q4. What is Culture? Also critically examine that Pakistani culture is a product of indigenous as well as allied influences.

Q5. Define Social Change. Also, discuss the effects of social change from the perspective of Pakistan.

Q6. “Unemployment leads to Violence”. Give suggestions to overcome unemployment.

Q7. Write short notes on any two of the following:

  1. Drug Addiction
  2. Juvenile Delinquency
  3. Urbanization

View PMS social work paper-I 2015

PMS Social Work Past Paper-I 2015

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