PMS Philosophy Paper-II 2022

Here you will find the PMS Philosophy Paper-II 2022. PMS Philosophy PAST Paper-II 2022. Provincial Management Services (PMS) is a competitive examination conduct by PPSC. Philosophy Paper-II was held on Thursday, June 8, 2023.

PMS Philosophy Paper-II of 2022

The following questions were given in the paper:

Q1. Differentiate between philosophy and theology. How did the legacy of Greek philosophers penetrate into the thinking of Muslim intellectuals? (20 Marks)

Q2. Explain Asharites position on the Attributes of God and their relationship with His Essence. (20 Marks)
Q3. Differentiate between Wahdat al Wajud and Wahdat al Shuhud. How diverse non-Islamic mystic theories influenced the Wahdat al Wajud? (20 Marks)

Q4. How Al Ghazali differs with earlier Muslim philosophers on the notion of Eternity of the World (20 Marks)

Q5. Explain the concept of “Islamization of Knowledge” in detail. Moreover, explicate Islam as the foundation of knowledge. (20 Marks)

Q6. For Iqbal, what the human ego means and why did he introduce its two aspects as efficient ego and appreciative ego? Discuss it at length.

Q7. Sir Syed Ahmad Khan looked upon God as the Author of nature and as the First Cause. Explain in the light of his concept of God, Man and Universe. (20 Marks)

Q8. Hindutva is considered as a case of Religious Fundamentalism. What do you know about this phenomenon?

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