PMS Economics Paper-II 2022

Find here the PMS Economics Paper-II 2022. PMS Economics past Paper-II. Provincial Management Services (PMS) is a competitive examination conducted by PPSC.

PMS Economics Paper-II of 2022

The following questions were given in the paper:


Q1. a) Gross national product and net national product

b) Gross domestic Product and national income

c) Personal income and disposable personal income

d) Nominal and real GDP

Q2. Explain unemployment, its different types and causes. Also explain the remedial measures of unemployment.

Q3. Keeping in view the IS — LM model, define

  1. Why does the IS curve slope downward?
  2. Why does the LM curve slope upward?

Q4. How does life — cycle and permanent income hypotheses resolve the seemingly contradictory pieces of evidence regarding consumption behavior?


Q5. What are the determinants of economic development? How far do they exist in Pakistan?

Q6. What is meant by devaluation? Discuss the impact of devaluation of currency on the economy of Pakistan.

Q7. Is foreign debt good for Pakistan? Discuss the associated advantages and disadvantages.

Q8. Define inflation. Explain demand pull inflation and cost push inflation with the help of diagram.

View the PMS Economics Paper-II 2022:

PMS Economics Paper-II 2022

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