PMS Business Administration Paper-I 2021

Here you will get the PMS Business Administration Paper-I 2021. PMS Business Administration Paper-I 2021. Provincial Management Services (PMS) is a competitive examination held at the provincial level. PPSC is conducting this PMS 2021 from June 23, 2022, to July 07, 2022.

PMS Business Administration Paper-I of 2021

The following questions were asked in the Paper-I of Business Administration 2021:

Q1. Explain the following factors that have posed diverse challenges for the managers:

  1. Globalization
  2. Technology
  3. Energy Crisis
  4. Social Media

Q2. What are the Big Five Personality traits and how do they affect work behaviors?

Q3. Explain any TWO of these classical motivational theories:

  1. Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs
  2. Herzberg’s Two Factor Theory
  3. Three Needs Theory

Q4. Briefly explain the following tools for measuring organizational performance:

  1. Feed Forward Control
  2. Concurrent Control
  3. Feedback Control
  4. Balance Score card

Q5. The world of managerial communication is not what it used to be! Managers are challenged to keep their organizations functioning smoothly while continually improving work, to Explain the role of Information Technology in improving managers’ ability to organizational performance.

Q6. Structural issues might arise in managing employees’ flexible work of organizational design with such arrangements? What do you know about the relationship of organization design with such arrangements? How might that information help a manager address those structural issues?

Q7. What is a strong culture? How can an organization create an ethical culture and why is it important?

View PMS Business Administration Paper-I 2021

PMS Business Administration Paper-I 2021

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