PMS Agriculture Paper-I 2021

Here you will get the PMS Agriculture Paper-I 2021. PMS Agriculture Paper-I 2021. Provincial Management Services (PMS) is a competitive examination held at the provincial level. PPSC is conducting this PMS 2021 from June 23, 2022, to July 07, 2022.

PMS Agriculture Paper-I of 2021

The following questions were asked in the PMS Agriculture Paper-I:

Q1. Dissemination of knowledge is of prime significance in the translation and adoption of farm practices. Write a detailed note on the use of modern approaches used in the dissemination of agricultural information to the stakeholders for enhancing farm productivity, marketing dynamic, and sustainability of the system.

Q2. Quality of the produce is of prime significance for both local consumers and for export purposes. Which considerations must be observed for a safe supply and to meet WTO requirements in the food supply chain?

Q3. Describe the main objectives and characteristics of agroforestry. What are different agroforestry systems?

Q4. What are research departments working on enhancing the use of bio-fertilizers? Describe its importance in crop production and major limitations on the usage of these fertilizers?

Q5. What are the recent advances in the design of resource-efficient farming systems aimed at greater efficiency through altering crops market and production systems?

Q6. Food security is an emerging threat, and huge foreign exchequer is spent on the import of food commodities. Describe threats and challenges relevant to food security and suggest possible strategies to overcome the same.

Q7. What are the different approaches to food processing in Pakistan? Write down the critical challenges for the food processing industry along with its strategy and future prospects.

Q8. Why Agro-biodiversity is important? What role Forest Department can play in the conservation of biodiversity? Elaborate in detail on forest and land use policies in Pakistan.

View Agriculture Paper-I 2021:

PMS Agriculture Paper-I 2021

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