MCQs of Library & Information Management (Quiz 05)

MCQs of Library Science about Library & Information Management. Here you will find the MCQs of Library Science regarding Library & Information Management. We have arrange these MCQs in Quiz format. This is the Quiz 05 of Library & Information Management. If you are a student of Library and Information Management Sciences, then the knowledge about Library & Information Management are so important to understand. So we have arranged these MCQs of Library Science for understanding its Information Management.

LIS MCQs of Library & Information Management (Quiz 05)

The following are the MCQs of Library & Information Management:

201. In which library, they have more than 10,000 pages main websites?
A. Chicago Library
B. National Library Canada
C. British Library
D. Library of Congress
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202. Which of the following is a network technique?
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203. Initially, PERT technique was applied to:
A. Transmission projects
B. Communication projects
C. Archive projects
D. R & D projects
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204. What is the process of passing information and understanding from one person to another?
A. Dissemination
B. Exchanging
C. Communication
D. Transmission
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205. What is a pathway or medium by means of which information is passed from source to receiver?
A. Source
B. Channel
C. Destination
D. Message
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206. A process by which information is exchanged between individuals through a common system of symbols, signs or behavior is called:
A. Communication
B. Symbolism
C. Information
D. Language
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207. Office automation technology that facilitates the creation of documents through computerized editing, formatting, storing, and printing is called:
A. Word Processing
B. Desktop Publishing
C. Document Imaging System
D. Management Information System
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208. Name the technology that produces professional quality documents combining output from word processors with design, graphics, and special layout features:
A. Document Imaging Systems
B. Desktop Publishing
C. Management Information Systems
D. Word Processing
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209. The commission of illegal acts using a computer or against a computer system is called:
A. Computer hacking
B. Computer abuse
C. Computer crime
D. Computer jamming
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210. The commission of acts involving a computer that may not be illegal but are considered unethical is called
A. Computer hacking
B. Computer crime
c. Computer jamming
D. Computer abuse
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211. Which of the following are ways by which we can manage information in support of information resources?
A. Security & disposition
B. Security & privacy
C. Storage & disposition
D. Storage & privacy
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212. A world Wide Web and graphical screen display that welcomes the user and explains the organization that has created the page:
A. Search engine
B. Static page
D. Home page
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213. What is called the address of a specific resource on the internet?
A. Yahoo
B. Google
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214. Hardware and software placed between an organization’s internal network and an external network to prevent outsiders from invading private networks
A. Push technology
B. Firewall
C. Security measurer
D. Extranets
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215. Name the information system that automates the creation and revision of designs using sophisticated graphics software:
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216. Who gains unauthorized access to a computer network for profit, criminal mischief, or personal pleasure?
A. Hacker
B. Jammer
C. Operator
D. Computer person
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217. A fault or defect in a computer program, system, or machine is known as:217. A fault or defect in a computer program, system, or machine is known as:
A. Bug
B. Antivirus software
C. Debugging
D. Computer virus
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218. The process of discovering and eliminating the errors and defects is called:
A. Debugging
B. Antivirus software
C. Bugging
D. Computer virus
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219. Which software is designed to seize one’s personal information stored on computer?
A. Adware
B. Firewall
C. Spyware
D. Antivirus
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220. An error in software or hardware is called a bug. Name is the alternative computer jargon for it.
A. Squid
B. Slug
C. Glitch
D. Ace
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221. Which type of software is focused on supporting communication, collaboration, and coordination?
A. SCM software
B. E-business software
C. Groupware
D. CRM software
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222. An application used in an organization which runs on a managed server external to the company is:
A. Bespoke software
B. Packaged software
C. Object-oriented software
D. Application service provider solution
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223. The relational database environment has all of the following components except:
A. Separate files
B. Users
C. Query languages
D. Database
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224. Database management systems are intended to:
A. Establish relationship among records in different files
B. Manage file access
C. Eliminate data redundancy
D. All of the above
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225. The highest level in the hierarchy of data organization is called:
A. Data record
B. Data bank
C. Data base
D. Data file
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226. Choose the RDBMS which supports fully fledged client server application development.
A. Oracle 7.1
B. Oracle Database
C. Oracle Data Guard
D. FoxPro 2.1
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227. Report generators are used to:
A. Retrieve information from files
B. Answer queries
C. Store data input by a user
D. Both b and c
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228. The layer of data is often called “lookup tables” or “code tables”:
A. Transaction activity data
B. Reference data
C. Meta data
D. Enterprise structure data
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229. A top-to-bottom relationship among the items in a database is established by:
A. Relational schema
B. Network schema
c. Hierarchical schema
o. Database schema
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230. The management information system (MIS) structure with one main computer system is called a:
A. Centralized MIS structure
B. Codified MIS structure
c. Relational MIS structure
D. Hierarchical MIS structure
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231. How many steps are there in the Systems Development Life Cycle (SDLC)?
A. 9
B. 6
C. 5
D. 4
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232. The first step in the Systems Development Life Cycle {SDLC) is called:
A. Problems/opportunity identification
B. Design
C. Development & documentation
D. Analysis
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233. Most modern software applications enable you to customize and automate various features using small custom-built “mini programs” called:
A. Subroutines
B. Routines
C. Macros
D. Code
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234. What is called the organized process or set of steps that needs to be followed to develop an information system?
A. System development life cycle
B. Design cycle
C. Analytical cycle
D. Program specification
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235. How many steps are in the Program Development Life Cycle (PDLC)?
A. 7
B. 6
C. 5
D. 4
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236. ____ design and implement database structures.
A. Programmers
B. Technical writers
C. Database administrator
D. Project managers
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237. Who spend most of their time in the beginning stages of the SDLC, talking with end-users, gathering information, documenting systems, and proposing solutions?
A. Systems Analysts
B. Project Managers
C. Network Engineers
D. Database Administrators
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238. Who manage the system development, assign staff, manage the budget and reporting, and ensure that deadlines are met?
A. Network Engineers
B. System Analysts
C. Projects Managers
D. Graphic Designers
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239. What is the process of translating a task into a series of commands that a computer will use to perform that task?
A. Programming
B. Project design
C. System analysis
D. Installation
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240. The ____ scans the hard drive and allocate file space more efficiently so the computer will run faster.
A. Scan disk
B. Schedule task
C. Memory
D. Disk defragmentation
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241. Debugging is:
A. Finding and correcting errors in the program code
B. Creating program code
C. Creating the algorithm
D. Identifying the task to be computerized
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242. Translating the problem statement into a series of sequential steps describing what the program must do is known as:
A. Writing documentation
B. Coding
C. Creating the algorithm
D. Writing steps
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243. Translating the algorithm into a programming language occurs at the ____ steps of the PDLC.
A. Algorithm development
B. Coding
C. Debugging
D. Testing and documentation
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244. The problem statement should include all the following except:
A. Storage
B. Output
C. Processing
D. Input
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245. Who provides functional expertise and direct customer service to help staff support information managers?
A. Customer manager
B. Supervisor
C. Base functional manager
D. Trainer
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246. Which act provides policy to ensure public access to federal government information?
A. Freedom of Information Act
B. Privacy Act
C. Federal Records Act
D. Archives Act
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247. What is the most critical piece of the information lifestyle?
A. Disposition
B. Dissemination
C. Use
D. Storage
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248. Which layer of data must be created before any other layer?
A. Meta data
B. Codified data
C. Reference data
D. Transaction activity data
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249. The most popular definition of management is:
A. Getting things done through other people
B. Management is the planning, direction, and controlling to the others
C. Management is the leadership and control of groups
D. Management is the balancing of what is best for the company
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250. What are the basic sources of management?
A. Planning, Organization, Actuating & Controlling
B. Objective, Policy, Procedures, Rules & Programs
C. Men & Women, Materials, Machines, Methods, Money & Markets
D. Planning, Organization, Staffing, Direction, Coordination & Budgeting
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