MCQs of Library & Information Management (Quiz 03)

MCQs of Library Science about Library & Information Management. Here you will find the MCQs of Library Science regarding Library & Information Management. We have arrange these MCQs in Quiz format. This is the Quiz 03 of Library & Information Management. If you are a student of Library and Information Management Sciences (LIS), then the knowledge about Library & Information Management are so important to understand. So we have arranged these MCQs of Library Science for understanding its Information Management.

LIS MCQs of Library & Information Management (Quiz 03)

The following are the MCQs of Library & Information Management:

101. In computer terminology and usage, “Bug” stands for what?
A. Complete virus
B. Error in software
C. Error in hardware
D. Error in programming
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102. The term “search strategy” is used in the context of:
A. Abstracting
B. Indexing
C. Classification
D. Cataloguing
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103. The term “truncated” is used in:
A. Accessing
B. Search formulation
C. Listing
D. Circulation
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104. UNIX is a:
A. Application software
B. Library software
C. Programming language
D. Operating system
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105. Internet is a:
A. Management information system
B. Network of networks
C. Local area network
D. Library information system
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106. CCF was developed by:
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107. A graphic representation of the sequence of operations needed to carry out a job is known as:
A. Flow chart
B. Bar chart
C. Pie chart
D. Digital chart
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108. The cable which consists of many insulated wires is known as:
A. Coaxial wire
B. Copper wire
C. Optical wire
D. Twisted wire
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109. The glass fibers through which light waves representing electrical impulses are transmitted are known as:
A. Impulse wires
B. Glass wires
C. Copper wires
D. Optical wires
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110. A set of rules that govern over all data communication system is popularly known as:
A. Agreement
B. Communication
C. Protocol
D. Memorandum
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111. What is called a collection of information files organized systematically so as to make processing easy?
A. Server
B. Database
C. Software
D. Network
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112. What is called a database consisting of statistical data presented in the form of tables?
A. Numerical database
B. Referral database
C. Full text database
D. Alpha-numerical database
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113. Databases refer or point the user to another source in the?
A. Full text database
B. Reference database
C. Alpha-numerical database
D. Numerical database
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114. The database contains the original and full information regarding any query is called:
A. Referral database
B. Reference database
C. Numerical database
D. Source database
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115. ___ is a system software package that helps the use of integrated collection of data records and files known as databases.
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116. What does the abbreviation DBMS stand for?
A. Database Management System
B. Digital Base Mapping System
c. Data Borrowing and Movement Software
D. Database Manipulation Software
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117. The need for ISBD was felt primarily for the realization of goal for:
A. Networking
D. Resource sharing
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118. What is called the facility of searching all the fields of the database with a given term or expression?
A. Free text searching
B. Expert searching
C. Truncated searching
D. Database searching
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119. What is called network in which all the computer nodes are attached to a single cable?
B. Ring
C. Star
D. Bus
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120. What is called a network that exists in an organization?
C. Network
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121. What is called a machine-readable code consisting of vertical bars of varying widths to represent data?
A. Readable Code
B. Readable Code
C. Security Code
D. Bar Code
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122. A processing complex consisting two or more integrated computers is known as:
A. Network
C. Interface
D. Protocol
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123. ISDN is an important development in the field of:
A. Computer networks
B. Library software
C. Circulation
D. Telecommunications
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124. What is called collection of interlinked computer networks or a network of networks?
B. Internet
C. Intranet
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125. World Wide Web is a facility on:
A. e-mail
B. Internet
C. Intranet
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126. The internet was an emergency military communication system operated by which USA department?
A. Pentagon
B. US Navy
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127. The illustrated version of the internet is called:
A. Web
B. Desktop
C. Explore
D. Window
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128. Which software allows us to send messages, a few lines of text or large data files etc.
A. Web
B. Internet
C. e-mail
D. Gmail
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129. What is called the transfer of message from one person to other using computer?
A. e-mail
B. Fax
C. Telex
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130. Library collection or repository of electronic resources and technology are needed to provide access to:
A. Digital library
B. Mobile library
C. Electronic library
D. Automated library
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131. Z39.50 is an international standard protocol for information retrieval in the networked:
A. Library system
B. Communication system
C. Computer system
D. Wireless system
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132. Which is called a program instruction written in a high-level language that must be translated into machine language to be executed by the computer?
A. Unicode
B. Source code
C. Object code
D. Bar code
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133. The antivirus software identified the viruses and showed “quarantined” that means:
A. Identified
B. Active
C. Removed
D. Isolated
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134. What is called the address where someone physically connects to a computer and defines the IP address for that computer and this address does not change unless someone physically changes it?
A. Static
B. Protocol
C. Connection
D. Server
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135. Internet was initially developed by which US department?
A. State
B. Defense
C. Security
D. Communication
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136. Internet became virtual network called:
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137. Private internet that is accessible to select outsiders:
A. Internet
B. Intranet
C. Extranet
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138. A secure and encrypted connection between two points across the internet to transmit corporate data:
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139. What is called the practice of browsing information services on internet:
A. Surfing
B. Discovery
C. Exploration
D. Navigation
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140. What is called the sailing over the internet sites for information?
A. Exploration
B. Surfing
C. Discovery
D. Navigation
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141. An interface between the user and internet is known as:
A. Protocol
B. Browser
c. Access point
o. Navigation
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142. Every place on the internet is usually called:
A. Website
B. Database
C. E-mail
D. Yahoo
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143. is a popular address of:
A. Gateway
B. Web directory
C. Database
D. Search engine
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144. YouTube is a strong format to explore:
A. Videos
B. Text
C. Website
D. e-mail
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145. The file transfer via network is known as:
A. Protocol
C. Gateway
D. Layer
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146. The expert system Excite is:
A. Search engine
B. Language program
C. Database
D. Website
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147. Info seek is a popular:
A. Website
B. Search engine
C. Language program
D. Database
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148. What is called the management and classification of documents in a proper order?
A. Bulletin
B. Documentation
C. File
D. Catalogue
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149. What is called the second generation of internet-based services that
emphasize online collaboration and sharing among users?

A. Web
B. Web 3.0
C. Web 2.0
D. Web 4.0
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150. A system with universally accepted standards for storing, retrieving, formatting, and displaying information in a networked environment is called:
A. World Wide Web
B. Intranet
C. Extranet
D. Internet explorer
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