Library Science MCQs of Information, Communication & Society (Quiz-9)

This is Library Science MCQs of Information, Communication & Society Quiz-9. Here you’ll find Library Science MCQs about Information, Communication, and Library Society. If you are a student of Library and Information Management Sciences (LIMS) then these MCQs about Information, Communication, and library Society are so much important for you. In these MCQs, Information, Communication, and library Society are discussed in questions and answers. So by understanding these questions and answers about Information, Communication & Society in Library Science you can easily cover your next coming examination.

LIS MCQs about Information, Communication & Society

The following are the MCQs of Library Science is about communication, information about library science, and Library society:

161. Delhi public library was set up as a pilot project of

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162. Which one of the following is the correct expansion of BLAISE?

A. Branch Library Automated Information Service
B. British Library Automated Information Service
C. Belgium Library Annual Information Service
D. Brazil Library Automated Indexing Service
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163. Which one of the following has made Networking convenient and effective?

A. I.T.
B. Computers
C. Communications
D. Satellites
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164. Availability of Publications to everyone whoever and whenever they wanted is popularly known as

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C. Access to Publications
D. Free flow of Publications
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165. For resource sharing among libraries which one is not a barrier

A. Library procedures
B. Inadequate collections
C. Clashes between the parent organization
D. Pre-determined terms and conditions
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166. An Inter-library Resource Center was established in 1975 by

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167. The exchange of documents and other resources among libraries is known

A. Networking
B. Cooperation
C. Inter-Library Loan
D. None of these
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168. Which one of the following is an odd one in the group?

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169. Centralized acquisition of books and periodicals is one the example of

A. Cooperation
B. Resource sharing
C. Networking
D. Inter-Library Lending
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170. To meet the ever-growing needs of user communities, which of the following is most essential for libraries

A. Library legislation
B. Resource sharing
C. Grants from government
D. Library management
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171. Who has stated that the Library is the heart of the Institution?

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A. D.S. Kothari
B. C.D. Deshmukh
C. S. Radhakrishnan
D. A.L. Mudaliar
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172. Promote education and research of its clientele is an important objective of

A. Public Library
B. Business Library
C. School Library
D. University Library
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173. National Physical Laboratory Library falls under the category of

A. Academic
B. Special
C. Public
D. Technical
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174. Foreign embassy libraries established in India ran under the category of

A. Public Library
B. Contact Library
C. Academic Library
D. Embassy Library
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175. Which of the following library provides free library service without distinction of caste, creed, or sex

A. School Library
B. College Library
C. University Library
D. public Library
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176. The founder editor of Library Journal was
A. C.A. Cutter
B. J.H. Shera
C. Melvil Dewey
D. H.E. Bliss
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177. Who in the following is regarded as the father of the Library Movement in the USA?

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A. C.A. Cutter
B. Melvil Dewey
C. John Cotton Dana
D. D.J. Boorstein
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178. Commonwealth Library Association (COMLA) was formed in 1972 at

A. New Delhi
B. London
C. Ottawa
D. Lagos
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179. The term Libra chain was coined by

A. R.L. Collision
B. J.K. Gates
C. S.R. Ranganathan
D. W.A. Mumford
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180. Mobile Library Service is an extension of which library service

A. Public
B. Academic
C. Special
D. Technical
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