Income Tax Return Course in Pakistan


Here you will find Income Tax Return Course in Pakistan. If you want to learn Income Tax returns in Pakistan for different categories; like Salary, Business, Freelancer, non-resident, insurance agents, trade business, and many others, then this income tax return master Course is just for you.

Legalversity which is the most viewed YouTube channel about Income Tax Returns is offering you an Income Tax Return Master Course in which you will learn about Tax Return filling methods of all categories. Even you can earn a handsome income by becoming a complete Income Tax Return Expert. Apply Now for the Tax Return Master Course

Who is this Course for?

This Income Tax Return Master course is for every citizen aged 18 and above and for those who want to be an Income tax return filing expert. They will be able to file their own returns and also earn money by filing others’ tax returns.

What you will learn?

In this Income Tax Return Master course you will learn the following expertise:

  1. you’ll be able to easily file your own tax returns, whether you belong to any business or other category
  2. you can even earn money by filing income tax returns for your client
  3. Things to know before making NTN & filling a tax return
  4. updated method of NTN-making procedure for all categories
  5. properly fill out 181 Registration from and modifications from
  6. How to update your profile in IRIS US 114(A)
  7. understanding different tax return methods
  8. method of making and generating all types of challans
  9. method of editing and revising tax returns
  10. different limitations and various tax categories
  11. easy method for filling form 114(1)
  12. issues and solutions for filling up the form
  13. complete method of 114(6) wealth statement
  14. you will no longer depend on someone else for any FBR-related issues
  15. you’ll be boss of your own

Why this course is important

There are a few things that make it important:

Income Tax Return Course in Pakistan (Course Details)

Course Details

This Tax Return Master course has the following details:

First, download our official “Legalversity Courses” App from Playstore (iPhone user please arrange any android device at your end).

Your login ID and Password will be issued when you give confirmation of enrolling in this tax return master course.

Sr. # Course Name Course Details
1 Business Tax Return 28 practical video classes
2 Salary Tax Return 20 practical video classes
3 Freelancer Tax Return 23 practical video classes
4 Non-Resident Tax Return 21 practical video classes
5 Complete Tax Return Master Course More than 40 practical video classes including all categories above

Duration of the Course

There is no such duration for this course. It depends on you how fast you learn it.  This course will remain with you.

How to Enroll in Tax Return Course?

To enroll in this income tax return master course click below the “Apply Now Button”. After that, you’ll receive a confirmation SMS on your Email and WhatsApp number. Apply Now for the Tax Return Master Course

User Reviews about this Course

Legalversity Courses ReviewsHave any Questions?

If you have any questions simply send a message on our Facebook, or Instagram pages or you can directly email us at We wish you a very Happy Learning!

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