How to Change Personal Details, Name, Address in NTN?

How to Change Personal Details, Name, Address in NTN is a very common question these days. Changing the personal details like Name, Address, Business address in NTN is not so simple. Often you require some expertise to do this. A person can change their registration information recorded for filing Income Tax Return in 3 ways.

First, log in to IRIS by simply entering your CNIC and password.

You can update your information in IRIS through Registration Form 181 (filed for modification) Income Tax. You can change the following things there:

  • Mobile number
  • Email
  • Personal/Residential Address
  • Business Address
  • Addition of Business Branches
  • Legal Representative u/s 87 of Income Tax Ordinance 2001
  • Bank Account

Second, you can change your information in IRIS by contacting a person of FBR via phone or email. In this way, you can change the following things in your NTN:

  • Name
  • Date of Birth
  • Gender
  • Disability Status
  • Senior Citizen Status

Third, you can update your information in IRIS by visiting your concerned Regional Tax Office (RTO). The RTO is selected when you enter your permanent address in NTN. For example, if you are in District Sheikhupura, then your RTO will be Lahore.

The following things can be changed by visiting the RTO office personally:

  • Discontinuance of business
  • Jurisdiction for Income Tax Return assessment
  • Deregistration
  • Updating CNIC number
  • Updating Pakistan Origin Card (POC)
  • A person will have to take relevant documents to RTO in order to successfully change details regarding Income Tax Registration.

Remember:  If you are a sales tax registered business individual then you cannot amend form with the approval of the concerned tax office. In any case, your Regional Tax Office(RTO) cannot be changed online.

Changes in NTN of Company and Associate Of Person (AOP)

If you are a company owner or Associate of Persons (AOPs) and you have no sales tax registration number then you can change your NTN details by following the below-given steps.

  • Login to you IRIS account by simply entering your CNIC and password
  • In the main menu bar click on Registration
  • Click on 181 (Form of Registration filed for modification) (Income Tax), which will appear at the extreme left-hand side there
  • A form just like New Registration Form will appear, you can amend that form as per your requirements.

After that, you must attach documentary proof e.g. in case of change of address of company attach form 21 and lease agreement. If there has been any change in the partnership structure, profit sharing ratio and any other material change attach updated partnership deed. Don’t try to fool the FBR system by uploading the bogus documents.

Note: if your company or AOPs are registered in General Sales Tax (GST) then you must visit the concerned Regional Tax Office (RTO) with documentary pieces of evidence to make or amend your NTN details.

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