Expected Questions about CSS Pakistan Affairs in 2023

Pakistan Affairs is a compulsory subject in the CSS 2023 examination. Here you will find the most Expected Questions about CSS Pakistan Affairs in 2023. These questions are mostly according to the current situation in Pakistan. In the CSS examination examiner always give such questions that have a strong link to the ongoing situations in the country.

So, here are some of the expected questions for CSS Pakistan Affairs 2023.

Pakistan Affairs Expected Questions CSS 2023


  1. Role of Reformers
  2. Role of Quaid
  3. Discuss the factors which played a vital role in the evolution & growth of Muslim Society in India?
  4. Describe the services of Sheikh Ahmad Sirhindi for the revival of Islam in the

Post Partition

  1. What were the prime reasons for the delay in constitution-making in Pakistan after becoming an independent state?
  2. The Fall of Dhaka was an aching happening in our national history. Do you think that this dilemma was an immediate incident or story of long-term grievances and injustice? Comment
  3. Growing internal instability and rise of terrorism in Afghanistan is unswervingly becoming a challenge for the internal security of Pakistan, Comment.
  4. Abrogation of Article 370 is an open breach of international law and against the right of self-determination. Under this statement, examine the Indian tactics to change the demography and disempower the Kashmiri people after the abrogation of article 370.
  5. Critically evaluate the energy resources which are presently being used in Pakistan. Discuss the significance of renewable energy resources for Pakistan.
  6. Examine the key causes of ongoing energy crises in Pakistan and suggest options for alternative energy sources to overcome the energy crisis in Pakistan efficiently.
  7. Bring under discussion the core problems of Federalism in Pakistan.
  8. Pakistan’s National Security Policy formulation is the outcome of seven years of detailed and comprehensive consultation process. Under this statement, examine the focusing areas of Pakistan’s National Security Policy and principles of policy implementation.
  9. Examine Pakistan’s foreign policy challenges in changing regional and global environments.
  10. Pakistan is fronting an incursion of hybrid warfare. Do you think hybrid war is a bigger threat to the sovereignty of the country than conventional warfare?
  11. Pakistan is one of the most vulnerable countries that are affected by climate change. Accentuate the impacts of climate change on Pakistan. Give adaptable measures to meet these challenges.
  12. What Challenges of national integration are faced by Pakistan? Recommend strategies to reinforce national integration.
  13. Why agriculture remained less developed in Pakistan and give suggestions to overcome major agriculture problems in Pakistan.
  14. Flood occurs as a result of long-run reasons and brings horrible infrastructure damage and human loss. Explain this statement from the perspective of the recent flood in Pakistan.
  15. Why is Pakistan so vulnerable to meet the challenges in the response to flash floods and what lessons can be learned from flood 2022?
  16. What are the factors that forced Pakistan to shift from geo-politics to geo-economics and how can Pakistan attain its goals of geo-economics effectively?
  17. Evaluate the economic cost of political uncertainty in Pakistan. Recommend appropriate steps for consistent political culture for economic solidity.

These are the most expected question regarding Pakistan’s current situation and ongoing issues. Hopefully, questions like these or similar to these will be given in the CSS 2023 examination.

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