CSS Zoology Paper 2020

In this article, you will get the CSS Zoology Paper 2020. Get Zoology Paper 2020.

Get CSS Zoology Paper of 2020

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Attempt 4 questions from this Paper of CSS Zoology.

1. Discuss emerging vector-borne zoonotic diseases of public health importance. Describe the impact of climate change on vector-borne diseases.

2. How the members of Chordates are different from Hemichordates? Name five hallmarks shared by all chordates and describe the functions of each.

3. What is the difference between bird’s migration and navigation? Discuss navigational resources used by different bird species in long-distance migration.

4. How gene mutations differ from chromosomal aberration? Discuss the type of mutation responsible for a new variation of a trait.

5. Discuss sexual and asexual reproduction in protozoa. Explain parthenogenesis.

6. Describe the Fluid-Mosaic Model of the plasma membrane. What are the various types of movements across the plasma membrane?

7. Discuss the structure and functions of different types of neurons. Describe a general pathway for the flow of information within the nervous system.

Note: The Zoology paper was tough as it was in the previous examination. Zoology is not a good scoring subject. If you read out the whole syllabus once then, you can easily score between 55 to 70 marks. So it is better to read out the whole syllabus once and then make the notes as per your requirements. Don’t depend on solely remembering things try to write down them on notebook.


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