CSS Town Planning & Urban Management Paper 2022

Here you will find the CSS Town Planning & Urban Management Paper 2022. You can view or download this CSS Town Planning Past Paper 2022.

CSS Town Planning & Urban Management Paper 2022

Q2. Geographic Information System (GIS) has become global and has permeated almost every aspect of human life. Therefore, Urban Planners can take urbanization to new scales using GIS. Discuss with examples.

Q3. Planning is the backbone of development activities. It points out a precise way to reach a pre-determined goal within a pre-determined period of time with the means that are available with a planner and under the prevailing circumstances. Based on the information, what are the problems faced if there is no planning for towns, and how does it help a city to grow? Explain.

Q4. What is meant by development control in the context of urban development? What are the types of development controls? Explain with the help of examples.

Q5. Explain Five different ways to make cities more sustainable and resilient.

Q6. Good urban design adds value by increasing the economic viability of development and by delivering social and environmental benefits. How good urban design adds to economic values?

Q7. Affordable housing projects are not only vital for the well-being of society but can also contribute greatly to a stronger economy. What are the economic benefits of affordable housing in Pakistan?

Q8. Write short notes on any TWO of the following:

  1. Land use classification policy of Pakistan
  2. Urban Planning of Nile Valley Region
  3. Rural and Urban settlements are complementary to each other. Justify.

CSS Town Planning Past Paper 2022

This is a complete CSS Town Planning & Urban Management past Paper 2022.

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