CSS Sociology Paper 2022

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CSS Sociology Past Paper 2022

Q2. Deviant Behaviour is the result of ineffective social control. Comment on the flaws existing in the formal and informal mechanisms of social control with examples and add how these mechanisms can be improved.

Q3. Since the inception of Pakistan as an independent country, numerous education policies have been developed but have not stood productive towards ensuring hundred percent enrolment. Describe the systemic flaws and other restraining forces behind it.

Q4. Compare Ibn-e-Khaldun’s Asabiya and Durkheim’s social solidarity on the basis of consonance and dissonance in the major premises of their theories.

Q5. Social issues are investigated through quantitative and qualitative modes of inquiry in variable situations. Explain the different situations with examples, reflecting the proper application of the two methods.

Q6. How can sexually abused children be reintegrated into society? Highlight the role of formal and informal agents/organizations in the socio-cultural landscape of Pakistan.

Q7. Max Weber and Talcott Parsons have theorized social action from their variable perspectives. Highlight the contributions of both thinkers and also locate the divergence in their standpoints.

Q8. Write notes on the following:

  1. Social functions of religion
  2. Cultural Relativism

CSS Sociology Paper 2022

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