CSS Psychology Paper 2021

In this article, you will find the CSS Psychology Paper 2021. You can view or download this CSS Psychology Paper 2021. The Psychology paper of CSS was held on 22-02-2021.

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The following questions were given in the CSS Psychology Paper of 2021:

Q2.  Define Personality. Discuss few major theories of personality in detail.

Q3. Differentiate between sensation and perception. Elaborate the Gestalt Principle of perception.

Q4. Define psychology intervention. Discuss major therapeutic techniques introduced by clinical psychologists in different eras of psychological disorders.

Q5. What are different leadership styles with reference to major leadership style theories?  Elaborate the characteristics of transformational and instrumental leaders with appropriate examples.

Q6. Differentiate between objective and projective tests in psychology. Elaborate the rationale behind projective tests with examples of TAT with structure, function, and interpretation.

Q7. How is forensic psychology different from forensic science? Discuss major rules and responsibilities of forensic psychologists.

Q8. Why is it important to determine the validity of a test before using it with the population? Also, elaborate its major types with examples.

You can download this Psychology paper.

CSS Psychology Paper 2021

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