CSS Political Science Paper-2 2020

In this article, you will get the past paper of CSS Political Science Paper-2 of 2020. Get the Political Science Paper-2 of 2020.

Get the CSS Political Science Paper-2 of 2020

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Download the Political Science Paper-2 2020.

The following questions were asked in Political Science paper 2 in the 2020 CSS examination. The paper has 2 sections.


1. Discuss the way in which globalization could promote regionalization as an adaptation.

2. Under the Unitary State System, how the local government system works in the UK?


3. Critically evaluate the role of Post-World War II on international Financial Regimes in the economic development of the less developed countries.

4. Critically evaluate the role of Military in Turkish Politics?

5. Discuss the powers and functions of China’s National People’s Congress?

6. Make a comparative analysis of the Constitution of 1956 and amended the constitution of Pakistan 1973?

7. in the Post World Ward II period, what were the important patterns of the Balance of Power?

Note: You can also view the Paper 1 of CSS Political Science by clicking here.


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