CSS Political Science Paper-1 2020

In this article, you will get the past paper of CSS Political Science Paper-1 2020. Get the Political Science Paper-1 of CSS 2020.

Get the Political Science Paper-1 of 2020

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Download Political Science Paper-1 of 2020.

The following questions were asked in the Political Science paper-1 of 2020. The political science paper 1 has 2 sections.


1. Why the monistic or absolute concept of sovereignty has been abandoned? Analyze the legal concept of sovereignty.

2. examine Montesquieu’s theory of separation of powers. Why has he been called the “Aristotle” of the eighteenth century?

3. Critically analyze the social contract theory of Hobbes, Joke, and Rousseau.

4. Examine the view that Hegelian spirit is nothing but the evolution of human consciousness to the realization of Political Maturity for global human co-existence.


5. Critically examine the basic principles of Fascism.

6. Bring out clearly the difference between unitary and federal forms of government.

7. Write short notes on the following:

a. Ibn-e-Khaldoon’s concept of Asbiyah
b. Marx’s theory of Class struggle


This is the CSS Political Science Paper-1 for the year 2020. For viewing Paper 2 of Political Science click here.

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