CSS Pakistan Affairs Paper 2022

Here you will find the CSS Pakistan Affairs Paper 2022. You can view or download this CSS Pakistan Affairs Paper 2022.

CSS Pakistan Affairs Paper 2022

Q2. Discuss the role of regional and nationalist political parties in Pakistani politics. How far these parties are necessary for the political system?

Q3. Discuss the Federal Structure of the 1973 Constitution of Pakistan after the 18th Amendment. Why criticism on the 18th Amendment started recently?

Q4. Evaluate the factional politics of the early years(1947-58) and their impact on the democratic process of Pakistan.

Q5. Every state designs its foreign policy on its National interests rejecting feelings and emotions. Why did Pakistan prefer emotions, feelings, and ideology in its foreign policy? Also, analyze its impact.

Q6. What is the volume of grants, aid, and loans in Pakistan’s economy in the last ten years to stimulate growth? Discuss.

Q7. Why did Pakistan join Western Defense Pacts? What cost does it have to pay for that? Explain.

Q8. Discuss the issues and mistrust in US-Pakistan relations after the withdrawal of the US troops from Afghanistan.

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CSS Pakistan Affairs Paper 2022

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