CSS Islamic Study Paper 2021

In this article, you will find the paper of  CSS Islamic Study Paper 2021. Get the CSS Islamic Study Paper 2021.

CSS Islamic Study Paper 2021

The following questions were given in the CSS Islamic Study Paper of 2021:

Q1. Object part of 20 Marks

Q2. What is the belief in the Day of Judgment? Explore its effects on the individual and collective lives of human beings.

Q3. Islam provides better rights to men and women than all other religions. Explore with arguments.

Q4. Comment on the teachings of Islam regarding co-existence in a multi-faith society.

Q5. Islamophobia is a sign of extremism. Give suggestions for its remedy.

Q6. Express the principles of accountability of rulers according to the Holy Quran and Sunnah.

Q7. Explore the importance of Sufism to spread out Islam. Is the amelioration of current deviation possible through Sufism?

Q8. Write notes on the following:

  • Treaty of Hudaybiyya as a pact of peace.
  • Benefits acquired from the battle of Khayber

You can Download this Islamic Study paper 2021.

CSS Islamic Studies Paper 2021


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