CSS Islamic History & Culture Paper 2022

Here you will find the CSS Islamic History & Culture Paper 2022. You can view or download this CSS Islamic History Past Paper 2022.

CSS Islamic History & Culture Paper 2022

Q2. Describe three main blessings of Hazrat Abubakar Sidique (RA) on the Ummah.

Q3. Describe the salient features of the Ummayad Period.

Q4. Give a comparison between Islamic Shurah and the present-day democratic system.

Q5. Explain the impact of Islamic Civilization on the Western world.

Q6. How does Islam reach and spread on the Sub Continent? Explain with references.

Q7. How has the movement of modernism penetrated through Islamic World in the present time?

Q8. Discuss the Influence of Greek Philosophy on the intellects of the Abbasid period and their response.

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CSS Islamic History & Culture Past Paper 2022

This is a complete CSS Islamic History & Culture past Paper 2022.

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