CSS Islamic History & Culture Notes & Study Material

Islamic History & Culture is an optional subject in the CSS examination. Here you will find the CSS “Islamic History & Culture” Notes and Study Material. Islamic History & Culture is an important read. In the CSS Islamic History & Culture, you will read about the dawn of Islam, the pious caliphate, the political system of Islam, Muslim Civilization, Islamic dynasties, Muslim rule in Spain, the Ottoman Empire, and Islam and the contemporary world.

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Note: this CSS Islamic History and Culture page is updated from time to time. Visit again to find fresh and updated content here.

In the CSS Exam, the subject of Islamic History & Culture is divided into two equal parts. Both parts have 50 marks each. Let’s see part-I first.

CSS Islamic History & Culture Part-I (Marks – 50)

Pre-Islamic Near East: An Overview
Dawn of Islam: Prophetic Age (570-632)
Pious Caliphate (632-660)
Political System of Islam
Institutional Development of Muslim Civilization
Umayyad in Power (660-749)

CSS Islamic History & Culture Part-II (Marks – 50)

Abbasid Dynasty (749-1258)
Muslim Rule over Spain
The Crusades against Islam
Ottoman Empire
Sufism as an Institution of Muslim Society
Islam & Modernity in Contemporary World

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