CSS International Relations (IR) Paper-I 2022

Here you will find the CSS International Relations (IR) Paper-I 2022. You can view or download this CSS IR Paper-I 2022.

CSS International Relations (IR) Paper-I 2022

The following questions were asked in International Relations paper-I of CSS 2022:

Q1. Foreign policy scholars argued that transnational actors influence the contours of any country’s foreign policy. Discuss keeping in mind the foreign policy of China.

Q2. It is argued that democratic countries pursue peaceful foreign policies. Support your answer with concrete examples.

Q3. Explain the objectives and determinants of Pakistan’s foreign policy.

Q5. Define power, Explain with examples the concept of hard power, soft power, and smart power in international politics.

Q6. Evaluate the impact of IMF loans on the economy of Pakistan.

Q7. Discuss in detail how globalization has affected the concept of security.

Q8. Discuss in detail the new maritime security challenges for the Indian Ocean region.

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CSS International Relations Paper-I 2022

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