CSS Geography Paper 2021

In this article, you will find the CSS Geography Paper 2021. You can view or download this CSS Geography Paper 2021. The Geography paper of CSS was held on 22-02-2021.

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The following questions were given in the CSS Geography Paper of 2021:

Q2.  Why the Aeolian landform is mostly located between 15o to 30o North and South latitudes? Describe the major characteristics of deserts emphasizing their geographical location and associated landforms.

Q3. Discuss the significant movements of ocean water, its causes, and impacts on weather and shipping activities.

Q4. “Life on the planet earth is mainly because of the atmospheric shield”. Highlights this statement and brings out the role of the atmosphere in sustaining plant animal and human life on the earth’s surface.

Q5. Environmental risk and hazards are becoming very common during the current century. Discuss the hydrometeorological hazards with special reference to Pakistan.


Q6. Many conflicts in Africa can be attributed to ethnicity. Enlist major conflicts and suggest mitigative methods for the peaceful resolution of these conflicts in Africa.

Q7. The population of the world is unevenly distributed. Describe the physical and historical factors to highlight the existing pattern of population distribution in the world.

Q8. The Middle East plays a pivotal role in global geopolitics and currently, a lot of changes have occurred in this region. Write an essay on the impacts of these changes on the Muslim World.

You can download this Geography paper.

CSS Geography Paper 2021

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