CSS Gender Studies 2020

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The following questions were asked in Political Science paper 2 in the 2020 CSS examination. The paper has 2 sections.

1. Gender has multiple meanings. How do you deconstruct the word “Gender”?

2. How the colonial era influenced the status of women in the subcontinent?

3. “Language is gendered”, what does this imply? Explain with examples.

4. Women need to be in leadership positions to pull more women into leadership roles. Is this suggestion that women need to “Pull each other up” a useful one, or is that inappropriate preferential treatment.

5. “For realizing, in letter and spirit, the ideals of a democratic welfare state, it is necessary to institute a system which fully guarantees human rights, generates a conducive environment for the pragmatic use and beneficial enjoyment of human rights and provides operative safeguards and expeditious remedy against any violation of human rights”. Critically evaluate the statement with special reference to Pakistan.

6. Comment on the power and control relationship in gender-based violence.

7. Discuss the background of the two Oscar-Winning Documentaries by Sharmeen Obiod.

Note: You can also view the Paper 1 of CSS Political Science by clicking here.


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