CSS English Precis and Composition Objective Paper 2020

In this article, you will find CSS English Precis and Composition Objective Paper 2020 with the solution.

Write words that are most similar to the words given here.
Sr. no words Meaning Sr. no Words Meaning
1 Guile Deceit 2 Essay compose
3 Inception beginning 4 Expatriate emigrant
5 Sinister evil 6 Animosity enmity
7 Condone overlook 8 Plagiarism piracy
9 Impeachment charge 10  
Write the words that are opposite to the given words
Sr. no words Opposite Sr. no Words Opposite
11 Eternity flash 12 Pandemonium calm
13 Relinquish Assume 14 Henpecked praised
15 Consistence irregular 16 Laudable unworthy
17 Exaggregate actual 18 Extempore planned
19 Hypothetical real 20 Phoo Phoo

These are the words that were given in the objective paper of CSS English Precis and composition 2020.

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