CSS Current Affairs Past Paper 2020

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The following are the main topics of CSS Current Affairs paper 2020.

1. What impact global climate change will have on the water resources of Pakistan? How will it affect inter-provincial harmony?

2. Why was Pakistan placed on the “Grey List” of the Financial Action Task Force (FATF)? What are the implications and what measures should Pakistan take to move out of this list?

3. Given the volatile lock-down in Indian Occupied Kashmir, what are the viable policy choices available to Pakistan? What can Pakistan realistically do to ease the suffering of Kashmiri people?

4. Discuss the strategic contours of Indo-US evolving partnership and how will it impact Pakistan-US and Pakistan-China relations?

5. Strategic competition in the Indo-Pacific region is increasingly becoming intense. Define the interests and role of the US, China, India, Japan and Australia in the geopolitics of the Indo-Pacific region.

6. Discuss in detail the role of OIC, Arab League and GCC in the Middle East crisis and conflicts.

7. In view of the evolving global alignments and changing nature of major-power relationships, what is the future of globalism and multilateralism? Discuss with examples.

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