CSS Current Affairs Paper 2022

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CSS Current Affairs Paper 2022

Q2. Propose prospective foreign policy options for Pakistan in the wake of the Russian invasion of Ukraine on 24 February 2022.

Q3. The 2021 Taliban Takeover of Afghanistan presents regional and global challenges. Elaborate on the anticipated policies of the Taliban government and the regional and global response.

Q4. Now do the nature and possible prospe& of US-Russia strategic nuclear deterrence change with the enforcement of the New START treaty of 2021? What could be the treaty’s implications on Pakistan’s nuclear program keeping in view its defense policy?

Q5. Muslim Ununalt has failed to unite under one roof. The leadership, their internal wrangling, and sectarian divide keep them away from the front of each other. No wonder the Muslim world is in shambles in their home countries, at the OIC level, and at international forums. Taking a tag from above, discuss ways and means to unite the Muslim Ummah with a pragmatic approach.

Q6. Numerous political systems- Parlitunenttuy as well as Presidential. have been in vogue in Pakistan with limited success. Draft your own proposed but practical system that would result in good governance of the country. Stipulate the reasons and conditions for its success.

Q7. The US and China have been in an ongoing trade war since 2018. In academic circles, it has been argued dot this conflict may as well be the Second Cold War. Critically evaluate the future world order with main actors such as China. Roots and the US.

Q8. Write a short swim on any two of the following:

  1. Poverty & Trade in South Asia and the role of SAARC
  2. A comparison of leadership qualities between Xi Jinping of China and  Joe Biden of the US
  3. 2022 FIFA world cup and politics of the Arab World


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