CSS Constitutional Law Paper 2022

Here you will find the CSS Constitutional Law Paper 2022. You can view or download this CSS Constitutional Law Past Paper 2022.

CSS Constitutional Law Paper 2022

Q2. What do you know about Judicial Review? Explain in detail the landmark cases of judicial review.

Q3. Explain in detail the Constitutional Law Remedies/Public Law Remedies under Article 199 of the Constitution of Pakistan 1973, available to the aggrieved party. Is there any restriction on the exercise of writ jurisdiction?

Q4. Elaborate on the concept of separation of powers from a comparative perspective. i.e. UK., Pakistan, and the U.S. Critically analyze the system of checks and balances provided in the U.S Constitution.

Q5. Explain the concept of “Supremacy of the Parliament” in the UK. Write in – detail the process of legislation in the British Parliament. Is there any accountability over the authority of the Parliament in the UK?

Q6. What do you know about the Constitutional history of Pakistan? Discuss the judgments delivered in Begum Nusrat Bhutto V Chief of the Army Staff PLD 1977 SC 657 and Asma Jilani V Government of the Punjab PLD 1972SC 139. What is the impact of these judgments on the various organs of the State?

Q7. The Constitution of USSR 1936 is characterized by democratic centralism. Critically (20) analyze the relevant provisions of the Constitution paving the way to the said assumption.

Q8. What do you know about the concept of “Fundamental Rights” as provided in the (20) Constitution of Pakistan, 1973? Discuss in detail the newly inserted Fundamental Rights under the 18th Amendment in the Constitution of Pakistan, 1973. Do you think the procedure of Amendment in the Constitution is similar to the Act of Parliament? How?

CSS Constitutional Law Past Paper 2022

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