CSS British History Paper 2021

Here you will find the CSS British History Paper 2021. You can view or download this CSS British History Paper 2021. The British History paper of CSS was held on 23-02-2021.

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The following questions were asked in the CSS British History Paper of 2021:

Q2. What were the political and ideological differences among non-jurors, high Churchmen, and Latitudinarians?

Q3. What were the political and constitutional causes and consequences of the act of Union 1707?

Q4. Provide a detailed account of the causes of World War I and its effects on the social and economic aspects of Britain.

Q5. What is the Edwardian era? Elucidate the rise and significance of the Labour Movement in the Edwardian era.


Q6. What was the Falkland Islands conflict? Whey Did the British invade the Falkland Islands and how this war came to an end?

Q7. What is the contribution of Great Britain in the Formation of the European Common Market and European Union? Also, highlight its impact on the foreign policy of Britain.

Q8. What were the salient features of Tony Blair’s policy on the War on Terror? How did his policy affect US-Britain relations?

You can download this British History paper 2021.

CSS British History Paper 2021

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