CSS Botany Paper 2022

Here you will find the CSS Botany Paper 2022. You can view or download this CSS Botany Past Paper 2022.

CSS Botany Paper 2022

Q2. Explain differences between algae-based on-call structure, nature of the pigments, and the types of reserve food materials.

Q3. Discuss the economic importance and distribution of gymnosperms in Pakistan.

Q4. Describe the pollination mechanism in angiosperms.

Q5. Shed light on the important rules of botanical nomenclature.

Q6. Explain the role of different plant hormones from seed germination to fruit ripening.

Q7. What are the adverse effects and control measures for aquatic and terrestrial pollution? Explain.

Q8. Write notes on any TWO of the following:

  1. Causes and mechanism of cell senescence
  2. Importance of genetic engineering
  3. Divergent Evolution

CSS Botany Past Paper 2022

So, this is a complete CSS Botany past paper 2022.

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