Concept of Gender Discrimination against Women

Here you will learn the concept of gender discrimination against women. Discrimination faced by any person because of their gender can be termed as “Gender Discrimination”.

The unequal treatment of girls in society contributes to hierarchies that exist at all levels. These biases not only exist inside the homes and families but also in public institutions and other parts of the social structure. The means of these biases can be based on physical, economic, cultural, psychological, etc. factors.

These differences are not natural but they are socially constructed in a patriarchal society that legitimizes these practices and makes them acceptable; also, those who deviate from them are subjected to tremendous social pressure to conform.

Discrimination has become part of the life cycle of a woman. It starts right at the time of conception, where the chance of being born is taken away from many.

This has led to a female-male ratio of approximately 0.93 in India. Food and nutrition are a major concern in India, with many women receiving inadequate food and nutrition.

Getting proper health care is also a luxury for many. Many women are from a young age, conditioned to surrender to the will of their parents in all aspects. May it be the kind of education they would get or other basic facilities, a lot of them get secondary treatment.

Early marriage and dowry have been issues that are yet to be uprooted from our sociological context. Discrimination against women may manifest itself in both overt and covert forms. But the source of the majority can be traced to a lack of awareness, cultural, social, and religious beliefs, practices, etc.

This lifelong discrimination may be openly practiced and easily recognized in most situations but sometimes a closer look is needed to observe it. Nevertheless, the consequences always remain lethal for not only the individual but also for society at large to be mandatory.

The forms in which women face bias in rural and urban areas may have some differences but most of the time have similar causes. But it is important to consider some of the examples that are observed at various places.

  1. Lower salaries are paid to women workers as compared to men for the same job.
  2. There are practices in families where menstruating women are not allowed to be part of religious procedures.
  3. Women may work for whole days in the fields to raise the crop but are not allowed to sell it. And ultimately it would be the male member who would be called the breadwinner of the family.
  4. When the distribution of assets in the family is done it is between the men.

Pre-natal selection, female feticide, dowry, and physical harassment are some examples of violent manifestations of discrimination that are found across cultures. The worst-case scenario is when social and economic discrimination both are practiced together. It is important to recognize such cases in society and come up with solutions.


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