Civil Judge Examinations: Qualification and New Revised Syllabus

Civil Judge Examinations: Qualification and New Revised Syllabus


  1. He/she possesses a degree in Law from a recognized university entitling him/her to practice the profession of law or is a Member of the Faculty of Advocates of Scotland;
  2. He/ she has actively practiced the profession of law for not less than 02 years after having been enrolled as an advocate. (Two years’ practice as an advocate shall be counted from the date when the Advocate became a registered member of any Bar Association under Rule 7.10 read with 7.12 of The Punjab Legal Practitioners and Bar Council Rules, 1974.)

Explanation:    For the purposes of this clause:-

i) The expression “practiced the profession of law” shall include any period of Government service by a person as:-

  • District Attorney, Deputy District Attorney or an Assistant District Attorney; or
  • full-time prosecutor authorized to conduct the prosecution on behalf of the Government; and

ii) to prove active practice the candidate shall declare by an affidavit (attached to the application form) that:-

  • He/she had been actively practicing the profession of law for two years till the closing date of the advertisement; and
  • during this period he/she had not engaged himself/herself in any other whole-time service, business, or as the case may be, occupation for gain.


Not less than 22 years and not more than 35 years.


BS-17 plus admissible allowances.


  • 03 % quota reserved therein for disabled persons as envisaged by Displaced Persons (Employment and Rehabilitation) Ordinance, 1981 as amended by SECTION 2 of the Punjab Disabled Persons (Employment and Rehabilitation) (Amendment) Act, 2015
  • 05% quota reserved for minorities in the light of Govt. of the Punjab Notification No. SOR-III(S85GAD)1-35/93, dated 27.03.2010

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Syllabus for Civil Judge

Lahore High Court Lahore declared the new syllabus for the Civil Judge Exam. The newly shaped committee of Lahore High Court revised the syllabus for the competitive examination for Civil Judges in Punjab. The new syllabus consists of 7 papers of written examination.

Now candidates have to pass all of these papers with 40% passing marks and 50% marks in aggregate to secure their position in the next level which is the compulsory Psychological and Aptitude Test and then they will appear before the interview panel as the final stage of the recruitment.

The followings are the papers for the examination of civil judges according to Lahore High Court’s new revised syllabus:

Paper 1: Civil Law-I (Marks: 100)

  1. Contract Act of 1872
  2. Guardian and Ward Act, 1890 read with relevant provisions of High Court Rules & Orders
  3. Limitation Act of 1908
  4. Muslim Family Laws (Pakistan)
  5. Punjab Rented Premises Act 2009

Paper 2: Civil Law-II (Marks: 100)

  1. Code of Civil Procedure, 1908
  2. Court Fee Act of 1870
  3. Specific Relief At 1877
  4. The Punjab Land Revenue Act 1967
  5. The West Pakistan Land Revenue Rules, 1968

Paper 3: Criminal Law (Marks: 100)

  1. The Pakistan Penal Code 1860
  2. The Code of Criminal Procedure, 1898
  3. Juvenile Justice System Act, 2018
  4. Police Order, 2002
  5. The Police Rules, 1934 (Chapters XXII, XXIV to XXVI)

Paper 4: General Law (Marks: 100)

  1. The Qanoon e Shahadat Order 1984
  2. Rules and Orders of the Lahore High Court, Lahore Volumes I to IV
  3. The Constitution of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan 1973
  4. The Punjab Civil Courts Ordinance 1962

Paper 5: English (Marks: 100)

  1. The English composition with transition and grammar
  2. Precis and Comprehension
  3. English Essay

Paper 6: Urdu (Marks: 100)

  • Usage of English Legal Terms in Urdu
  • The Urdu Composition and Grammar
  • Comprehension
  • Urdu Essay

Paper 7: General Knowledge (Marks: 100)

  • Every Day Science
  • General Knowledge
  • Pakistan Affairs
  • Islamiat for Muslims / Ethics for Non-Muslims

Viva Voce (Marks: 300)

Candidates after successfully clearing the written part will appear before the Interview penal for the Viva Voce.


After deliberations, the Examination Committee recommended the following readings for the Papers of


Paper 5 English

  1. The Future of Mankind (Unpopular Essays)
  2. The idea that has Helped Mankind (Bertrand Russell)
  3. Three Days to See (Helen Keller)
  4. Of Studies (Bacon)
  5. Of Truth (Bacon)
  6. Write Better, Speak Better (Readers Digest Association)

Paper 6 Urdu

  1. Zindagi (Chaudhary Afzal Haq)
  2. Bargay Nay (Nasir Kazmi)

Paper 7 General Knowledge

  1. Struggle for Pakistan (Ishtiaq H. Qureshi)
  2. Pakistan, the Formative Phase, 1857 to 1947 (Khalid Bin Sayeed)
  3. Muslim Separatism in India: A Brief Survey 1858 to 1947 (Abdul Hamid)
  4. Pakistan Foreign Policy; 1947 to 2012: A Concise History (by Abdul Sattar)
  5. Constitutional and Political History of Pakistan (by Hamid Khan)
  6. Islami Nazria Hayat (By Prof. Khurshid Ahmad)
  7. Islam: it’s meaning and message (BY Prof. Khurshid Ahmad)
  8. Pakistan and Current Affairs (By Shamshad Ahmad)
  9. Asimov’s New Guide to Science 1993 (By Isaac Asimov)
  10. Science Restated: Physics and Chemistry for the Non-Scientist 1970 (By Harold Gomes Cassidy)

Disclaimer: this syllabus for Civil Judge-Cum Magistrates is revised by Lahore High court, Lahore on 04the January 2022.

All of the syllabi are approved by the Lahore High Court, Lahore and the candidates who want to appear for the Civil Judge examination have to prepare according to this syllabus. The recommended books are also given in this post the help the candidates in their preparation. The candidates must prepare the laws given in this syllabus up-to-date version. Any modification and amendment should be considered while preparing for the examination. The Paper will be given as per the newly amended laws. So, if you are preparing then you must understand the latest amendments to the given laws. Your writing expression must be clear and obvious. No misrepresentation will be made in the paper.

Download the Revised Syllabus 2022 in Pdf here.

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