LLB MCQs: All Subject Wise MCQs for LLB

We are providing LLB MCQs for all papers of 5 years LLB program below. Important LLB MCQs for preparing for NTS, FPSC, PPSC, Civil Judge, Additional Sessions Judge, LL.B papers, different entry test MCQs of LLB, especially for Bahauddin Zakariya University, Multan (BZU) and Punjab University (PU) and for all other competitive examinations. These LLB MCQs are also valuable for Law GAT so, here is a  collection of all the LLB MCQs so that you can prepare well for your coming examinations. You can also check the syllabus of LLB 5 Year Program here so that you can have a better idea.

Note: The subjects given below are the Major Subjects of LLB 5 Years Program as most of the student needs the MCQs of these subjects in many competitive examinations.

Important LLB MCQs in multiple-choice questions and answers nature are given here for subjects like Civil Procedure Code (CPC) 1908, Code of Criminal Procedure (Cr.PC) 1898, Qanun-e-Shahadat (QSO) 1984, Pakistan Constitution 1973, Pakistan Panel Code (PPC) 1860, Hudood Ordinance 1979, Sale Of Goods Act 1930, Court Fees Act of 1870, Constitution Of Pakistan 1962, Pakistan Constitution 1956, Medical Jurisprudence, Specific Relief Act 1877, Limitation Act 1908, Contract Act 1872, Family Courts Act 1964, etc.

For more understanding, you can also check the LLB Syllabus of Punjab University and Bahaudin Zakriya University here.

So, Let’s have a look at the LLB MCQs for LLB Part 1 of all subjects.

LLB Part 1 MCQs for All Subjects

Islamic Jurisprudence English Jurisprudence Constitutional Law (US and UK Constitutions)
Law of Contract Act 1872 Law of Tort & Easement Equity: Specific Relief Act, 1877
Criminal Law Hudood Ordinance 1979 Sale Of Goods Act 1930
Partnership Act, 1932 Pakistan Penal Code 1860

Now Let’s have a look at the LLB MCQs for LLB Part 2 all subjects.

LLB Part 2 MCQs for All Subjects

Constitutional Law-1 Constitutional History of Pakistan Administrative Law Mercantile Law
Company Ordinance 1984 Registration Act, 1908 Negotiation Instrument Act, 1881
Law of Transfer of Property Act, 1882 The Succession Act, 1925 Public International Law
Land Acquisition Act, 1894 Muslim Personal Law

Below is a complete list of LLB MCQs for LLB Part 3 all subjects.

LLB Part 3 MCQs for All Subjects

Civil Procedure 1908 Code of Criminal Procedure 1898 The Limitation Act 1908
Medical Jurisprudence Law of Evidence Legal Drafting
Interpretation of Statutes The Stamp Act, 1899 The Suit Valuation Act, 1887
The Court Fee Act, 1870 Arbitration Act, 1940 Punjab Rented Premises Act, 2009
Intellectual Property Laws Labour Laws (Income Tax Ordinance 2001) The Sales Tax 1990
Environmental Laws Banking Laws Land Laws
Human Rights

Note: this page is being updated from time to time. Visit again to have more updated MCQs.