Expected English Essay Topics for CSS 2022

Here you will find some of the expected English Essay topics for CSS 2022. The English Essay is the toughest part of the CSS Examination every year. Most of the candidates failed to pass this paper due to multiple reasons. One of the major reasons for failure in the English Essay paper is not choosing the right topic. The English Essay topics are often taken from the current scenarios of the world as well as of Pakistan. So, for every CSS aspirant, it is so important to give such topics proper preparation time. Here we have listed some of the most Expected Essay Topics for CSS 2022.

List of Expected Essay Regarding Technology

Following are the Expected Essay Topics for CSS 2022 regarding Technology:

  • The paradigm of Cyber security in Pakistan
  • Artificial Intelligence: Boon or Bane?
  • Rise of Artificial Intelligence: the threat of a jobless future or better job opportunities through reskilling and upskilling
  • Digital economy: A leveler or a source of economic inequality
  • Science and Technology are the panaceas for the growth and development of Pakistan
  • Although the marvels of technology surround us every day, their arc moments when we all would give anything to be freed from that technology
  • Big Tech’s new superpowers or how big tech will determine who rules the world
    1. it impacts on democracy,
    2. populism
    3. opinion
    4. increasing polarization etc
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List of Expected Essay Regarding Islamophobia

Following are the Expected Essay Topics for CSS 2022 regarding Islamophobia:

  • Islamophobia – Causes, Effects, Consequences
  • Islamophobia within the West

List of Expected Essay Regarding Domestic Issues

Following are the Expected Essay Topics for CSS 2022 regarding Domestic Issues:

  • Freedom of Speech and Assembly, has this led to the rise in religious extremism, intolerance, and hate speech in the country?
  • Is Pakistan in friendship with Religious Extremism?
  • What’s wrong with the Government’s Economic Policies
  • Rising in Price: causes, effects, and way forward
  • Construction of Dams: To be or not to be. The solution to Pakistan’s water crisis
  • Corruption in Pakistan: Issues, Challenges, and way forward
  • Judicial Activism in Pakistan: Is it beneficial for Pakistan

List of Expected Essay Regarding Women Issues in Pakistan

Following are the Expected Essay Topics for CSS 2022 regarding Women’s Issues in Pakistan:

  • Women Development in Pakistan – Need of the hour
  • Women’s violence is a significant issue in Pakistan
  • Women Abuse- Is Pakistan a safe country for women?
  • Gender discrimination is a myth?
  • Women empowerment and its future in Pakistan
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List of Expected Essay Regarding Current Affairs

Following are the Expected Essay Topics for CSS 2022 regarding Current Affairs:

Changing geopolitical dynamics following points to cover:

China’s emergence as a new superpower

  • Russia Ukraine conflict
  • New world order
  • Third world war
  • Migration Crisis
Afghanistan Issue
  • Unlawful killings, Violations of laws of War
  • Women’s and Girl’s Rights
  • freedom of media and speech
  • International Justice and investigation into abuses
  • key international actors
  • Impact of Russian invasion on Ukraine
  • Afghanistan-Pakistan border dispute
  • can the Taliban govt help Pakistan negotiate TTP
  • Issues and challenges in Pakistan-Afghanistan relations


  • American departure of Afghanistan as well as Implications to Pakistan.
  • Pakistan’s future policies toward Afghanistan.
  • The higher economic problem in Pakistan and how to meet them
  • The United States’ approach to Afghanistan Problem.
  • Risk of “Soviet syndrome” for Pakistan
  • Pakistan’s Foreign Policy in the historical global power dynamics perspective & Pakistan USA relations
  • Water scarcity in Pakistan causes and remedies
  • Major challenges to Pakistan Foreign Policy with reference to Afghanistan
  • Governance issues are impeding the progress of Pakistan
    1. political instability
    2. constitutional crisis
  • Climate change: What does it mean? And how do we manage the crisis?
    1. Green energy
    2. renewable energy sources
    3. pollution natural disaster
    4. impacts of war on climate
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List of Expected Essay Regarding COVID-19

Following are the Expected Essay Topics for CSS 2022 regarding COVID-19:

  • Pakistan and COVID-19; Impacts, Digitalization, Education, and Economy
  • Post-Pandemic Digitalization, Online Education in the Post COVID World- Future prospects and Challenges

So these are the most expected Essay topics for CSS 2022. I hope this will help you a lot in preparing for your next examination.

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